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  • Shatterproof: Refocusing the Lens

Shatterproof: Refocusing the Lens


Our value is not placed in status. The fixation of changing one’s relationship status has been ingrained for many years, and we have often positioned ourselves to a posture of compromise. Losing the essence of who we are. Collectively, we tend to lose sight of the evolution process. There is so much focus on the end goal. You can love yourself and equally embrace love from someone else.


As a millennial, I am courageously changing the narrative of how singleness is perceived. This book gives you the wit, grit, and authenticity of what life looks like from my singleness lens. Everyone’s journey is not the same. Others have created their own internal graph as a measure of success for different areas of my life. They believed that being single meant I was unhappy and incomplete. Status does not define me. It also does not alter my value or worth. In this book, I take you on an expedition of how I found contentment within, without caving into the pressures of seeking external validation.


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