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My life's purpose is to empower millennial women to transform their pain into power as they rise from the depths of trauma to a position of strength. As a survivor of sexual assault, I understand the journey of feeling lost, questioning everything about myself and my future in the aftermath of distress.


I made the courageous decision to stand up and speak out against the darkness that threatened to consume me. In doing so, I found my voice and a newfound sense of freedom. I became a source of strength and support for others who felt silenced, becoming a catalyst for positive change in my community.


My passion for advocacy led me to pursue a Master of Social Work from Morgan State University. My commitment to serving others was recognized through various accolades, including receiving the Governor’s Volunteer Service Certificate for my community activism, joining the RAINN Speaker's Bureau, and contributing to Grammy Award-winner Michelle Williams' book launch team for "Checking In.”


In 2022, I was honored as one of Maryland's Christian Women in Leadership, receiving the Marketplace Forerunner Award. Currently,

I am proud to serve on the board of directors for Kids Chance of Maryland, Inc., where I continue to advocate for and support children of catastrophically and fatally injured workers. 


My journey from pain to promise is a testament to the power of resilience and the unwavering strength that lies within all of us.


I invite you to join me in this journey of empowerment and inspiration, as we rise above our circumstances and embrace a future filled with endless possibilities. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where all women can thrive and flourish.

“Be intentional with pursuing your passion. You have the power and ability to achieve your dreams.”

Tasha W.

Author. Speaker. Connector.

There's nothing like freedom.

Fun facts about me...

I absolutely LOVE tacos.

Contrary to popular belief, I am an introvert. I enjoy solitude and intimate communication with a few close friends.

My favorite movie of all time is Sister Act 2.

Laughter is my superpower. Between my quirks and witty attitude, you can always count on me for a good laugh. It’s contagious!

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