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Recognize Your Opponent: When Your Greatest Enemy is Your Inner Me


We all have the power to live the life we are destined for. However, we allow situations, people and often our thoughts to limit our potential and rob us of our purpose. We often justify or make excuses as to why we don’t deserve happiness because of pitfalls from the past. We claim baggage that wasn’t intended for us to carry in the first place. Causing a barrier between where we currently are to where God wants to take us.

The very core of who we are starts with our thoughts. Take ownership of what you allow yourself to respond to. Search within as to why you consume the names that shaped your self-made identity. While turning the pages, you will witness various moments throughout my personal journey of how I had to overshadow thoughts of captivity with a winning mindset. Will you join me on the journey to live unapologetically and be your authentic self?

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