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Master the Inner Critic to Authentically Live a Fulfilling Life.

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Who is Tasha W?

My life's mission is to inspire millennial women how to rise from a place of pain to a posture of promise. I am an author-entrepreneur and transformational speaker. I apply my life experiences and educational background to help millennial women unlock the treasure that's within, confront pitfalls from the past and explore the power of fearlessness.



Externally you appear to excel in everything, but internally you are walking around wounded.

You need a safe place that welcomes and honors vulnerability and transparency.

You tried a number of approaches to reach wholeness, but are still searching for ways to feel complete

I am here to get you unstuck!

I’ve always felt like I had to measure up because I could not fully release myself from everything that happened in my past. I became my worst enemy. I talked myself out of opportunities and entertained dead-end relationships. I felt like I had to accept the bare minimum because I considered myself to be damaged goods.

Once I made the decision to stop feeding my fears and start living in freedom, I recognized the greatness within and ignited the value of my voice. I overcame self-sabotage behavior and negative self talk by addressing unresolved trauma. In embracing the power of leaning into my authentic self, I empower others to see the importance of destroying boxes of captivity.




  • The Purpose Collective

  • Resilient Love

  • Talk is Cheap

  • 21 Minutes or Less

  • The Beautiful Side of Grief

  • Unmute Your Mic

  • It’s Ok to Love Yourself

  • Love Yourself Fiercely 

  • Laughing Sarah

  • Celebration of Survival

  • How She Does It Network Mixer

  • Come to the Well Women’s Retreat

  • Deeply Rooted Series

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month Symposium

  • RAINN Consent Conversations Seminar


Available for conferences, panel discussions, workshops & sessions, and retreats


I love sharing my story and applying my expertise to help millennial women unlock the treasure that's within.


Trying to find balance in your life but need accountability? We can work together to develop a personalized plan to help you gain clarity on your purpose, your values and your overall goals.

What kind of support are you looking for?

“Tasha is an innovative thinker, focused leader, and strategist who genuinely wants to see millennial women win! As a transformational speaker, I respect how real and relatable she is. Her intentionality for connecting and developing solid relationships is how we discovered that we both shared many similar lived experiences and overcame some tough seasons in life. Her unwavering support toward my own personal and professional achievements is invaluable. However I truly appreciate how often we cheer on and celebrate each other's individual success. I am often encouraged by the consistent themes in Tasha's written work as an author, challenging people to live with purpose and embrace the journey toward healing and emotional freedom. Tasha's creative approach to leadership is truly dynamic and reinforces a need for more authentic spaces for those desiring to grow and thrive.”

Nicole Johnson

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