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Trying to find balance but need accountability?

Group Coaching

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Would it be great if you could:

Confront the roadblocks that have defined you and altered your identity/self-awareness.

Discover who you are, celebrate your journey, and own the power of your voice.

Implement tangible strategies to execute the life you were always destined for.

If you’re nodding along, then read on to learn about...

30 Days to Unmasking the Inner Me

Unmasking the Inner Me is a group coaching program designed to help you formulate a solid plan of action that will take you to the next level holistically.



Let's ignite the fire within you!


Through my professional expertise and experience, I collaborate with you to help reshape your mindset and ignite your personal transformation journey.


Together, we will unlock your potential, uncover your true self, and pave the way towards a purposeful and fulfilling life. Your time is now to step into your power and shine brightly.


Let's do this!

Over 30 days, I’ll show you how...

To reinforce boundaries, No more showing up for everyone else and not having the capacity for self-care.

To gain clarity, direction and get unstuck  while pursuing relationships that appreciate your value.

To find balance in your personal life and be more productive .

Check out what others have to say

“I am honored to have known Ms. Tasha 10+ years and still counting. I met Tasha back in 2008 and she always had this natural ability to speak the needs of people. I believe there is a difference between speaking to encourage and speaking to the very heart and or need of a person. Tasha exhibits both and that is a true gift to have.”

Jessica Snowden

“Tasha is such an inspiration. She saw something in me years ago before I saw it in myself. She will always be so special to me as a mentor and a big sister.”

Shadeya Walker

What you’ll get:




Weekly Zoom Video Conference calls to help you find balance in your life and gain clarity on your purpose, your values, and your overall goals.

Email messages so you can get all of your questions answered in between our calls

Includes goal setting exercises, and journaling prompts to support you during your journey

How to get started

Sign up by filling out the form below. I’ll be in touch within 3 business days to set up a call so we can make sure this program is right for you.

“Tasha is a dynamically raw speaker who combines passion with comic relief to share her story. She is consistent with what she shares, but it's always a fresh way that she injects information into her sphere of influence.


Her target audience is individuals between the ages of 25-40 who are entrepreneurs or looking to do spectacular things with their lives. The impact Tasha has is to inspire them to discover who they are, for them to reach beyond that, and to use their gift and callings to influence others. Tasha brings a delightfulness into how she coordinate resources who are experts across different domains (education, business, media, etc.)"

Sherone Lewis

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